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Meaningful engagement and genuine participation allow people to identify issues, be involved in solutions, have a voice and influence decisions that affect them. It is the only way for organisations to have an authentic dialogue and truly understand those connected to them and their work.

The Participation Agency is passionate about using creativity and innovation to unlock the power that lies in staff, volunteers, service users, tenants, communities and customers.

We have extensive experience in developing strategies, creating and delivering campaigns, changing services and helping organisations and communities to evolve, as well as undertaking participatory planning and evaluation projects.

Two partner organisations make up The Participation Agency: Public Service Works and Tap Arts Project.

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  1. And by the way, many of you were asking about Open Space. Sheila and I are running a 3 day training programme next week, which gives people the skills and confidence to facilitate Open Space events. 1-3 July. If you want to experience a ‘taster’ Open Space session, do join is on Tuesday 1 July, 11am- 3pm At Myddleton Grange Community Space , 108 Colthurst Crescent
    London N4 2FD. Nearest tube, Manor House or Finsbury Park. Email me on roma@participationagency.com or call/ text 07956 635 802 .

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