Meet the team

Roma Iskander comes from a career that spans both health service and voluntary sector senior management. She is passionate about engagement and participation that is meaningful and results in people doing things together in ways that change what needs to change. She has worked at national level for over 25 years. Her key strengths are as a facilitator and seeing possibilities.

Roma Iskander

Sheila Marsh has a background in London local government and has worked independently as a researcher, strategy and policy developer, academic and facilitator for over 25 years. Her work has from 1995 focused on working across the local government/NHS boundary and she has published a range of research on partnership development (see and leadership. She is an Open Space practitioner and public involvement specialist.

Sheila Marsh

Belinda Sosinowicz comes from a design background, and trained in Positive Psychology combining arts and science to devise innovative programmes. Her work focuses on bringing wellbeing evidence and theory to life for people to apply in practical, accessible ways. Belinda is a resilience coach, Open Space and Wellbeing Impact Assessment practitioner. She is currently leading a research project at Age Exchange to investigate wellbeing with people affected by dementia across South London. She is a former co founding Trustee for London Arts in Health Forum.

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