We all know how important it is to foster genuinely meaningful engagement. And we all use terms like engagement, participation and co-production on a regular basis. But are we all talking about the same things? Could you learn something from hearing about how others are using engagement in their own work, and how they’re measuring […]

At the Jerwood Space in London SE1, the second in the series featured working with art and positive psychology to focus in depth on work challenges. The magical polar bear paper sculpture in the gallery produced huge impact for the group and helped make a very memorable morning fly!

A lively group met early this morning on top of the Centre Point building to take a different view of their world. A misty morning but a fantastic view! Great discussions and insights emerged drawing on the panoramas on offer (see the Flourishing page for more information). ‘feel fantastically inspired, a huge breath of fresh air!’ […]

Francis report recommends: ‘Effective local commissioning can only work with effective local monitoring, and that cannot be done without knowledgeable and skilled local personnel engaging with an informed public.’ Developing those skills in staff is what we are all about at the Participation Agency! Let’s hope resources for this will be forthcoming and that developing […]

The Coalition Government has lifted the ban on residents of social housing starting businesses in their homes. Newlon Fusion and architectural researchers at London Metropolitan University are talking to people living in social housing, as well as service providers, to find out how social housing might be adapted for home-based work. We have been involved […]

This year, we are holding a series of new events. The aim is to energise people within the sector, especially when we are all trying to do more, with less. A chance to meet people and discuss new ideas, facilitated by experts in engagement. Apart from invigorating, dynamic discussion and the opportunity to connect with […]