Our work

Whether you are reviewing services, campaigning for change, developing new partnerships, measuring impact, planning your annual conference or dealing with a new funding model, we can help you find the best way forward, by involving the people that matter.

These are the types of thing we do:

  • Service user involvement programmes
  • Strategy development
  • Research and reporting
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Co-production in service design and redevelopment
  • Evaluating and demonstrating impact
  • Designing and delivering innovative conferences, events, meetings and focus groups
  • Training to help staff, volunteers and trustees foster greater involvement

Here are some examples of projects we’ve done.

User Voice

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Enterprise for all

Personality Plus

Our work in Open Space


  1. this event descibed above is shown in a video at https://vimeo.com/71721110 have a look to see the day in action!

  2. Sheila and Roma led an Open Space event on 23 July for Help the Hospices to enable the views of bereeaved people, people with long term conditions and other user champions to contribute to the HtH Commission on the Future of Hospice Care. A very positive day – people said:
    ‘I am a bereaved person. There is lots of work to do , a huge amount, but I am hopeful from today.’
    ‘Thanks for the workshop, it opened my eyes and I listened to others. It is the same as my work on learning disabilities – we have to work together to make it right for people’
    ‘Thank you, it was very good to come and give the voice of the deaf person’
    ‘Thanks for the hard work today – it will make a difference to people like me’
    ‘Thanks – I am dedicating today to the memory of a fellow COPD sufferer who died yesterday – we need to be heard’
    ‘I am humbled, I have respect for carers and patients I have supported. How brilliant and passionate you are. It’s an opportunity to look at the challenges – we need to find the courage and creativity to tackle them’

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