Stop and think

In the course of our work we sometimes need to stop.  And think.

This a space for those moments. A place to share resources and ideas, offer up tools and opportunities, and pose questions and thoughts.

Get involved by adding comments below (or email us if you’d like us to add links or resources). And when you do, let people know: #StopThinkInvolve.


Evaluation tools from our June event:

Realistic Evaluation







  1. We will also post any Open Space events, that people could come to , that we are facilitating

  2. Joe, we ran our Open space Training last week and the participants are likely to be running events. We suggested they post info on this site to share experiences – so do keep looking on the Open space page or here!

  3. Joe Rich · · Reply

    would love to hear about any other open spaces people are running. keep on with the revolution people! thank you for an amazing session

  4. yesterday we meant to say (and forgot in the excitement) that anyone who is interested in Open Space who hasn’t experienced it would be very welcome to come on Tuesday morning 1 July – yes, next week! – to get that experience by joining in for free on day 1 of our OS training programme. Venue is East London. Email if you are interested.

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